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    Oregon Peace Tree Project

    One Sunny Day Initiatives, the Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Community Trees, OUR Community Forestry, and the Green Legacy Project collaborate to bring trees of peace to Oregonians.

    Phase II Oregon Peace Tree Project

    The Oregon Peace Tree Project Phase I is complete with over 50 trees planted in 35 different communities across Oregon.


    Phase II is getting started with a new generation of Hibakujumoku seeds planted November 2023. There are 3 main concepts that we are currently exploring:


    1.) Expanding phase I and growing out more trees for additional Oregon Communitites.


    2.) Expanding the reach of Peace Trees into correctional institutions across Oregon and the US by collaborating with the Asain Pacific Family Club to create bonsai peace trees.


    3.) Growing out 100 peace trees from this generation of seeds to be planted or dedicated in August of 2045 to mark 100 years since the atomic bombing of Japan, and 100 years without another nuclear attack. These trees would be planted every 30 feet as a walk of peace 50 trees on opposite sides of a walkway that extends 1,500 feet in length.