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    At OUR Community Forestry, our core mission is centered on the equitable planting, maintenance, and preservation of trees. We are committed to expanding awareness and support for the ecological and human health benefits of urban, rural, and community forests in Oregon. To achieve this, we offer educational programs, engage in advocacy efforts, collect and share data, engage in Urban Forestry Planning, produce nursery plants, conduct tree planting initiatives, conduct tree inventories, promote the utilization of urban wood, and work diligently to preserve and protect healthy existing trees. Our focus is on empowering ourselves and our partners in disadvantaged, underserved, and underrepresented neighborhoods and communities. OURCF is mission-driven and aligned with the vision of enhancing climate resilience, reducing the impact of invasive species, mitigating urban heat islands, celebrating diversity, expanding green infrastructure, promoting conservation through the preservation of natural resources, and restoring the ecological and human health benefits that trees bring to our communities.


    Uniting Communities, Cultivating Well-being: Together Towards a Greener, Healither, Equitable Future with OURCF!

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    We believe the planting, care, preservation, and protection of our urban trees are actionable ways that every Oregonian can engage and participate in decreasing the effects of climate change in our own neighborhoods. Support our vision for a safe climate and a better future for the next generation.We can get there together!


    Mon-Thurs - 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM